Soccer Pictures, September 14, 2007

Alex gets a free kick.

Brenden attacks the goal.

Bridgett takes on the boys.

Bryan move the ball forward on the attack.

Here comes Cameron with the ball.

Dereck with a corner kick and moves the ball forward toward the goal.

Dan approaches and passes well.

Eric didn't have too many to save, but saved this one.

Hannaville goalie's view of the field.

The Hannahville goalie missed the one on the left, but saved the one on the right. His favorite saying was, "You can have fun out here or not. It's up to you. Me, I want to have fun."

Jenna after the ball, Jenna attacks, and charges toward the goal.

Kristy passes the ball. Kristy sets up to shoot.

These are shots on goal.

Stop him!