St. Pat's Weekend Friday Night

It's been a few months since all four bars on Beaver Island were all open at the same time. It's also been quite a long time since three bars all had music performed at the same time. Donegal Danny's had Danny, Danny, and Cindy playing. The Beachcomber had Kevin White and Friends playing. The Shamrock had The Boodlers performing. All three of the bars with music were very busy when these pictures were taken.

Danny and Cindy.....Danny on fiddle.....Danny G singing

Donegal Danny's was a packed house with barely room to walk around, but there were plenty of people enjoying themselves.

Busy place.........Happy ladies...

A trip downtown seemed to be in order as well, so the Beachcomber is next.

Patti, Miranda, and Kevin.....Kevin W and Kevin B..........Miranda singing

Miranda, Kevin+Kevin.....Patti enjoys...Bill caught finally........Bill plays and sings with Patti

Some people relaxing before performing next door at the Shamrock.

The trip next door to the Shamrock showed the band in full sway.....

Click here for Shamrock pictures Friday night