Water Levels Lower on November 26, 2007

These were taken at the public beach in town.

This past summer closest to the end of June or early July, Steve Rose and I took our dogs out to the Gull Harbor area for a walk on the gravel closest to the water of Lake Michigan . While out there, I took the time to pace the distance from the scrub brush out to the water's edge. There was a total of twenty-two paces to the water's edge. Today, I took my dog out to the same area and there were sixty-seven paces to the water's edge. Now, I know that wind direction has a lot to do with water levels in the Great Lakes . I also know what the shoreline looks like at an ocean beach when the tide goes out. Today, it looked like the tide had gone out when I was at the Gull Harbor area. This is just a little scary to think that the water could go down further than it is today.

Gull Harbor pictures below:

In the harbor area, I was able to walk from one end to the other end of the previously submerged pilings of the old dock down by the marina. There was no water at the end of the fill dock by the southeastern corner at all. Where is all the water from Lake Michigan going? How did it happen? These and other questions should begin to be asked. Between the Aranmore Park and the houses next to it, anyone could walk fifty or sixty feet out from what used to be the shoreline no so long ago.

These pictures below were taken near Aranmore Park:

This last picture above shows the rock wall built to protect the property from the high water in years past.

These pictures below show the harbor area from BI Marine to BI Marina: