Water Levels II, November 27, 2007

Just when it might be thought that the water levels in the harbor could not get any lower with the wind pushing the water out of the harbor, the levels went much lower. A couple of high school students, out of school due to wind damage and power outage, walked out to pose for these pictures.

The third picture is looking in the opposite direction.

So the next logical place to look was the marina to see if the old pilings were completely out of the water.

Obviously, the water had gone lower than the day before. How was it over by the other side of the harbor?

The barge and the marine railway with the lower water levels.

Walking past mooring anchors was just plain fun. The owners simply wouldn't believe this.

Consider walking from the end of the fish tug dock all the way to the point.

It is quite certain that most Islanders and visitors have never walked this pathway before unless across the ice.