What Do You Do on BI in the Winter?

One of the most asked tourist questions from Beaver Island tourists is:

What do you do on the Island when........

This group of photos is one possible answer to that question. We go to the mall down by the South Head Lighthouse and the Target Store near Fox Lake.......Wait, it's not good to tell these false stories.... Here is what we really do.......

Snowmobiling is fun when there is enough snow....Lot's of snowmobiles going by this past weekend.

We drive around and look at the beautiful Christmas decorations. Don't you?

We take some time to walk and look at the beauty that surround us. We think about moving snow in the past and how things were powered and what made them work.

Click here for video of the Historical Society Park in winter.

We go to the library to check out books, listen to wondeful music, or use the public computers or the WIFI hotspot.

We go out into Port St. James and try to decide if we will get lost or get stuck on an unplowed road.

We drive out to Donegal Bay look at the outer islands.

We reminisce about the great beach volleyball games we had last summer.

We remember the great picnics and reunions that we had in summers past.

We go out and enjoy the natural surrounding and slide down Mount Pisgah.

Click here for video of Mt. Pisgah.

Some even cross country ski on the trail out to St. James Campground.

We go out to lunch or decide it's late enough in the day for a cocktail.

So, what do you do on the mainland that's better than this????