Wildfowl Searching for Food

The bird feeder in the side yard has had some interesting visitors recently. In addition to the usual squirrel visitors, we had ducks and turkeys. Is the frozen crusted snow and ice on the ground and the harbor making it difficult for the wildlife to find food? Between the turkeys trying to roost on the wire holding the bird feeders and shake down sunflower seeds and the ducks wandering into the side yard for seeds left on the ground, one wonders if the animals are having a hard time finding food. The ducks are ranging out as far as Stoney Acre Grill in search of food when they usually are hunkered down around the harbor area. It first started with one duck finding sunflower seeds on the ground. The next day there were two ducks. This morning in the snow there were six ducks. The ducks were sitting in a semi-circle facing the bird feeder with their feathers kind of fluffed out to keep warm. If the growth continues exponentially, more bird feeders will be needed soon.

There are plenty of turkeys meandering around the town area and out toward the Four Corners as well. Throughout the day the groups of males and females, separately and together, gathered under the feeder in search of an easy meal. Whether there were repeats or not, observations on and off throughout the day counted thirty-eight turkeys under the bird feeders scratching the snow in search of sunflower seeds. A second turkey was found perched on the wire that holds the feeders with other turkeys jumping up trying to shake the feeder so that seeds could and would fall out onto the ground.