Bird Feeder Battle

Last week's question about how difficult it might be for the wintering-over wildfowl has pretty much answered itself by looking outside at the bird feeder. Here are some pictures of what has been seen under and on the bird feeder this last week

Two males guarding the feeder..Eyeing up.....Mallard waiting......Turkey attacks.....Goober and Trouble watch...

These two males seemed to be guarding the feeder trying to keep all the other birds and squirrels away. The one male turkey kept looking up at the feeder and eventually did a jumping act to bump the feeder which caused the seeds to fall out of the feeder and onto the ground. The male mallard just waited patiently for the seeds to fall onto the ground so he could begin eating and quacking to signal the other ducks to come to the feeder. Goober, the terrible, and, Trouble, the name speaks for itself, were going crazy wanting to get at the turkeys, the ducks, the squirrels, and the other birds.

Male cardinal................bluejays galore.................squirrel attracks attention....more squirrels.......woodpecker

The food in the wild must be getting somewhat scarce as more and more visitors come to the feeder each day. This feeder was not filled until after January 2008, so this is not just a habitual feeding location. These birds and squirrels sought out the food.