Museum Week 2007

Skip Duhamel Carves at Print Shop

From 1 p.m. until almost 3:30 p.m. Skip Duhamel worked on this carvings down on the sidewalk in front of the Print Shop Museum. His totem poles are very well known as well as his other carvings. Here are few pictures of Skip at work. We got a staggered set of pictures from about 1 p.m. until about 3:30 p.m. Here is the progress of the carving done during that period of time.

Here is an example of the totem poles that Skip carves.

Music on the Porch

The kick-off to the museum week's nightly activities has traditionally been the "Music on the Porch" which is quite literally music on the Print Shop Museum porch. The street is closed to traffic from the Print Shop up to the public beach, and the audience brings chairs and sets them in the roadway near the museum. The historical society also lines up quite a few chairs in the roadway for those who forget to bring their own. The event is usually hosted by Doris Larsen, who always gets the crowd going with a story or a song. Many Islanders and visitors as well perform music, dance, or drama on the museum porch. This year was no different.

A fairly large crowd was on hand to appreciate the performances.

Thanks so much to Jeff Cashman for sharing his pictures while I was performing on the porch. I could not have been in both places at the same time, and he is a great photographer besides. These first pictures are Jeff's. The choir sang "Let There Be Peace on Earth". The choir accompanied the Sheri Timsak solo with Mike Scripps on keyboard, and the choir accompanied Mike Scripps' solo also.

The Beaver Island Recorder Quartet also performed. This is (from left to right) Joe Moore, Bill Detwiler, Jayne Bailey, and Julie Roy, on bass recorder, tenor recorder, alto recorder, and soprano recorder.

Although the night's schedule was slightly in question, one sign said 7:30 and another said 8:00, both in the p.m., the crowd brought chairs, and many chairs were provided, and at about 7:55, the Butch Ramsey trio, which was really a quartet with an uncle on guitar, Butch and his two grandchildren, Jennifer and David, started the evening off.

The next group played an Irish fiddle tune and was just as wonderful as the first group. They were billed as the "Fiddlers" and consisted of Harriet Groenleer, violin; Andrew Groenleer, cello; Ivan Suminski, violin; Nick Suminski, viola;, Irene Gerrish, violin; John Gerrish, stand-up bass, and a little girl playing the cooler like a drum, whose name I did not get.

Next came the Karioke group with Sharon Hurkmans singing "American Made" and Melissa Peters singing "Wasted."

This was followed by Jeff Connor singing his own composition "Keeps Bringing Me Back."

Then Mary Charnecki, along with another male guitarist, sang a lovely duet.

This was followed by Signe Thomas, who had just arrived on the Island to perform for this event, doing a very professional tap dance routine.

The last performers before intermission were Barry Pischner and Tammi McDonough. Barry and Tammi sang a duet after Barry performed an Irish ballad.


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