Beaver Island District Library Minutes

Beaver Island District Library Board of Trustees
Meeting Minutes 7/18/2013

Present: Gregg, Lounsberry, Lyle, Ruis, Speck, Stambaugh, Vyse
Absent: LaFreniere, Moore

Other: McGinnity

Meeting called to order by Lyle at 4:29 pm.

Public Comment: None

Approval of Agenda: Vyse stated that at a past meeting the decision was made to review the hours of operation at the July 2013 meeting. As the director’s report was to cover the patron response to the recent expansion of hours, it was decided that the tabled discussion would take place at that point in the meeting. Lyle also added the prospect of issuing of library cards to minors under New Business.

Approval of Minutes of June 20th 2013 Meeting: Brief discussion of level of detail. Motion to approve minutes by Lounsberry, Gregg second. Minutes approved.

Financial Report: Lounsberry comments that she likes receiving the financial report from Speck as early as the board did. Brief discussion of more noteworthy elements of report, namely the payment for errors and omissions insurance, the annual service contract charge for the old copier, FICA, Struik Memorial Garden pot, NuGen Systems charge, housekeeping/spring cleaning, Jean’s Lawn Service. Motion to approve financial report by Ruis, second by Stambaugh. Financial report approved.

Director’s Report:  (See attached) Discussion of weeded items report, library computer users’ numbers compared to total patrons, patron response to last month’s change in our hours of operation, staff lunch hours, staffing budgetary concerns, Moore’s concerns (expressed in an email prior to the meeting), and recommended percentage of budget to have in reserve/fund.

Old Business:
Library Director’s Contract: Discussion of a possible committee (including McGinnity) to draft a contract; insurance issues also discussed, McGinnity to follow up.

Background Checks: Vyse reports there were difficulties, expects to have something to report by next month. Need official stationary/letterhead.

New Business:
Decision on New Printer/Copier: Discussion of Northland Library Cooperative Library Enrichment Grant, which is likely in its last year, networking issues, keeping the old one as a back-up or possibly selling/donating it, and maintenance plan costs. Motion to purchase machine by Lounsberry, second Stambaugh. Motion approved.

Young Adult Area: Project progressing. Discussion of ideas for collaboration with school, mediation, and using the space for gaming nights and also as a classroom; furniture ideas and shelving remain to be decided on. Timeline discussed.

Revision of Bylaws: Draft submitted by McGinnity. Discussion of specific changes/issues. McGinnity to address issues in another draft (dated, and with page numbers).
Updating NuGen to CloudLibraries: Discussion of new system vs. old, pros and cons, etc.. The one-time cost of the switch would be $1000, but our current monthly/quarterly costs would be unchanged. Motion to approve update by Stambaugh, Vyse second. Motion approved.

Techplex E-Rate Consulting: Discussion of E-rate program benefits and challenges. Consultant would file for us and keep us on track for all deadlines. The amount recaptured would exceed the costs of having Techplex. It takes a year before we start recapturing the telecommunications expenses. Discussion of timelines and contacting other Techplex clients for references. motion to approve by Stambaugh, contingent on positive references from current clients, at the director’s discretion. Ruis second.

Youth Library Cards: Discussion of how to issue cards for children, how they would be connected to parent/guardian cards, whether they should be the same card or something new, and late fees.

Working Collection Line Item to Budget: Books that would be used by the staff and director for the running of the library (collections development, fundraising, etc.). Vyse suggests that the books be cataloged so that if a community member wanted to use/borrow these books they could, perhaps only in the library (reference). Motion by Vyse to approve addition of line item for working collection at the discretion of the director, Stambaugh second.

Correspondence: none.

Public Comment: none.

Motion to adjourn by Gregg, Lounsberry second. Meeting adjourned 6:07 pm.

Respectfully submitted by Patrick S. McGinnity, Director

BIDL Board Regular Minutes
June 20, 2013

Gregg, Lyle, Lafreniere, Lounseberry, McGinnity, Moore, Speck, Stambaugh, Ruis, Vyse
Also present:
                Brouard, Gallagher.
Meeting called to order by Lyle, 4:28 pm .
Public comment: None
Approval of Minutes:
Motion by Moore: To approve minutes or May 16th Board of Trustees meeting without changes. Seconded by Lafreniere.
Resolved: Motion carried. Minutes approved.
Financial Report: Discussion.
Insurance budget has increased from $2000 to $2825 due to actual costs of new and continuing policies. Further discussion of salaried vs. hourly employees/contractors. Library director will look into situation further.
Motion by Lounsberry: To approve financial report. Seconded by Stambaugh.
Resolved: Financial report approved. Bills submitted for payment discussed.
Director’s Report, see attached.
Old business:

New Business:

Motion by Moore: to approve new hours starting Monday, June 24th (Proposal C of attached), with budget increase.  Seconded by Ruis.
Resolved: New hours approved.

Correspondence: None.
Public comment: None.
Motion by Gregg to adjourn, seconded by Stambaugh, meeting adjourned 5:50 pm.

Minutes of the Beaver Island District Library Board of Trustees

May 16, 2013

Present: Lyle, Moore, Stambaugh, LaFreniere, Ruis, Gregg, Lounsberry

Absent: Vyse

Guests: Brouard, Roe

Lyle called the meeting to order at 4:30 P.M.

Moore moved to approve the minutes of the April 25, 2013 special meeting, Stambaugh seconded the motion, motion carried.

Speck presented the bookkeeper's report and some comments followed. Moore moved to accept the proved monthly bill payments, Ruis seconded the motion, motion carried.

Moore reported on our legal services and everything is in place with the firm of Bloom-Sluggett-Morgan.

Trustees are to read and scrutinize the employment agreement with the new director and report back at the next meeting.

Vyse was absent so there was no report on the background checks of employees and the matter was tabled until the next meeting.

It was noted that the Board needed more information on Jean's Lawn Service and rates charged for services , Moore will check on this and report back at the next meeting.

Moore reported that he needs more information on the type of safe the Board feels they may require and will present his findings at the next meeting.

Charlevoix County feels it is not necessary to register our survey with the county and that the Beaver Island District Library only needs to put in stakes to show the property lines. LaFreniere will check and see where the stakes are at present. Comments were made on the propane tank from the Emerald Isle Motel that is too close to the library property line so LaFreniere will check on having the tank moved and will report on this at the next meeting.

It was noted that the Beaver Island District Library needs more than one credit card. Moore moved to issue a credit card to the new director, Patrick McGinnity and to hold the second card in a safe with instructions on who is authorized to use it and to have a $750.00 per purchase limit, without board approval, LaFreniere seconded the motion, and after some discussion, motion carried.

It was noted that a change is needed with public comment. After some discussion, Stambaugh moved to allow public comment at the beginning and end of every board meeting keeping with our previous agreed upon two minute time limit, Gregg seconded the motion, motion carried.

Pam Moxham's correspondence was noted and Moore questioned what garden areas she will be responsible for and which ones the Langford family maintains. It was noted that Moxham is maintenance on the plants Langfords have planted. McGinnity will contact Moxham and work out a rate per hour fee.

LaFreniere questioned having someone else recording the board meeting minutes versus the board secretary and it was decided that the director would now do the minutes at the meetings.

Speck questioned pay to McGinniity and it was decided that for now it would be $17.00 per hour for a 60 hour pay period until a new contract is set up.

The Beaver Island District Library hours will stay the same until the next board meeting when trustees have had a chance to discuss this with McGinnity.

Gregg moved to adjourn the meeting at 5:40 P.M., LaFreniere seconded the motion, motion carried.

Respectfully submitted, Sally Lounsberry, secretary