Beaver Island Wildlife Club Minutes 2010

draft minutes

(Updated 051411)

Beaver Island Wildlife Club

May 12, 2011

Minutes of meeting

Present: Tom Kludt, Mark LaFreniere, Doug Tilly, Bill Detwiler, Jeff Powers and Phil Wyckoff

Called to order at 7:03 p.m.

Treasurer's report: Motion Doug Tilly, second Bill Detwiler to approve the treasurer's report. Passed

Secretary's Report: Addition: discussion of the amendment to the by-laws changing the maximum number of the board of directors to 11. Motion to accept the minutes with the addition was made by Tilley, seconded by Young. Passed.

MDNR/NRC: the antler point restriction plan was submitted for information purposes to the NRC. Vote will be in June. Mason emailed that the presentation went smoothly. NOTE: about 8 p.m. Mason texted that it passed.

Walleye Pond: Walleye- 30 -50,000 were delivered May 2 and placed in pond. The water is healthy with lots of oxygen. Don't have to the testing of the fry this year. Might remove some earlier, when they are 1” or so and let the others grow. Plantings in Lake G. will be around Memorial Day. Ivan suggested putting in small flathead minnows to “feed” the fry and perhaps allow them to get larger before we plant them.

Cormorant Update: Response from Congressman Benishek shows support for the cormorant control efforts. Jeff will respond with more details of our plan. USDA will be here next week to conduct some control efforts on Gull and near Hat islands. Phil reported that Lake G. has few showing up lately, last week approx. 70 showed up on the lake. Shot a few. One had a 7” bluegill in throat. Won't know if the numbers are down until USDA goes out.

By-laws: Motion to change the bylaws by adding an amendment to increase the maximum number of board members to 11. Doug Tilly, second by Bill Detwiler. Passed.

Motion to nominate Paul Johnson to the now vacant seat… made by Mark LaFreniere, seconded by Phil Wyckoff. Passed.

Fisheries: LTB- Bill Parsons found lot of Brook Trout minnows in Iron Ore Creek. Walleye report from Lake G. last year shows they are breeding as some were not stocked fish. Tom Kludt is conversing with Heather Sites (?), DNR fisheries biologist in Traverse, about some inland lake ideas. Her response was to leave Lake G. alone as that is showing much promise with the walleye population. She is reluctant to make plans for the other inland lakes until data can be gathered about what is there. CMU Biology Station will be contacted to share data, then a plan will be created lake by lake to see what data is missing and decide what to do next. Regarding the harbor stocking- many more agencies become involved when the Great Lakes are concerned. The Harbor would fall under the Great Lakes designation. The board recommended that Kludt continues to work with Heather and the tribe on a plan. Suggested Pen raising Brown Trout in the harbor was mentioned.

Habitat Planning: Paul Johnson presented information regarding habitat management: food plots on the island. He suggested a 2 year commitment from the landowner. The club would provide funding for soil tests and buckwheat seeds, the landowner would responsible to plant, fertilize or lime, etc. BIWC decided to plan for 9 acres to be funded for this year. Notice would be emailed to members, Facebook page and Forum.

Jacque mentioned that Ellworth Farmer's Exchange may be interested in presenting information to interested islanders about food plots. They have an agronomist on staff who is well qualified.

Discussion of encouraging Brian Mastenbrook (DNR) to put Buckwheat back on the approved list for possible DNR funding for food plots.

Raffle Application has been submitted for the license. Hope to have raffle tickets in hand by Memorial Day to begin sales.

Turkey Hunting: comments from several successful hunters has been positive. Discussion of a guided turkey hunt- through a friend of Tony Adermann.

Motion to adjourn made by Paul Johnson, second by Doug Tilly. Passed. Adjourned at 8:20 p.m.

PDFs of documents passed out at this meeting below:

Benishek Letter

Beaver Island Deer Antler Point Restriction Information Only Letter

Beaver Island Wildlife Club Agenda

May 12, 2011

Call to Order

Treasurer's Report

Secretaries Report

Walleye Pond Update

Cormorant Harassment Update

Congressman Benishek Letter

Senator Walker contact

By Laws Revision

Fisheries Update

Little Traverse Band Biologist Bill Parsons

Tom Kludt

Habitat Planting Update

Other New Business

Public Comment


Meeting of the Beaver Island Wildlife Club, March 5, 2010, St. James Twp. Hall, 1 p.m.

Guests: Brian Mastenbrook, Senior Wildlife Biologist, MDNR, Gaylord

Tim Reis, Supervisor of DNR Wildlife Division in Gaylord



Welcome, Jeff Powers

Wildlife Management, Brian Mastenbrook

Whitetail deer

Habitat Management

Predator Control

Harvest management





Audience questions and participation


All seats were taken in the township hall. Brian Mastenbrook presented information about the deer herd from our driving surveys, voluntary deer checks and mailed hunter surveys. He also passed out a chart regarding potential for deer herd growth in different scenarios: ratios, current size of herd, etc. He praised our efforts in gathering information regarding the size, ratio and health of our herd. The drive by census records he summarized and averaged over the last 7 years. He cautioned us only using one year's record to show herd size and ratio. He also showed us the results of checking the deer following harvest. He summarized beam diameter from 2004 through 2009. It shows better growth and development in the 1 ½ year old deer populations. Brian stated that overall the herd is down. It is down all over the northern Lower Peninsula also. The severity of the winters of 2007 and 2008 are thought to be a big contributing factor. He does not know the exact number of deer on the Island nor could he tell us what the carrying capacity is (there are just too many variables according to Brian and Tim). Predation by coyotes may be a contributing factor but he pointed out they can be hunted for 9 months out of the year. The discussion of antlerless permits for the 2010 season was held. He advised us to gather information and report back to him when we reach a consensus. If we eliminate those permits altogether or lower those too much, some hunters will resort to taking spikes and small bucks.

Brian presented a chart that shows that most of our state forests consist of old growth. In order to manage wildlife we need to remove some trees to allow young growth and food for the wildlife. This needs to be continued over the decades to even out the forest age across the years. Brian reminded us that deer are not the only management objective for forests but habitat improvements need to occur for other species as well—turkeys, grouse.

We asked Brian if we could be considered a separate unit for turkey hunting instead of being lumped with J (all of Charlevoix County). We were told the spring hunts are all about maintaining hunter satisfaction and fall hunts are about population control. But Tim told us there would be no fall turkey hunts this year in area J. We have a large population (800+) and asked to be given further consideration.

Jeff gave a power point presentation on cormorant control. He used information from Tony Aderman (USDAWS). Beaver Island has been elevated to a number 1 priority because of the number of nesting cormorants. The club has been active in harassing, culling and funding efforts. Tony stated that the Beaver Island Wildlife Club is one of the most active clubs in the state and can be depended upon for volunteers and funding to help in cormorant control. The economic study is waiting on grants to possibly fund the whole study. In the state of NY for every $1 spent on control, $14-$18 was brought into the economy. In three weeks the decision will be made to hopefully double the numbers to be removed state wide and a significant portion of those numbers will be around the Beavers.

The audience was encouraged to ask questions throughout the meeting. Steve West presented Jeff with a resolution from the Chamber of Commerce asking for support of Quality Deer Management (QDM). He also remarked that no time during the discussion did we talk about “quality” deer. Lois made the closing statement: In 2005 we hosted a QDM forum at the Peaine Township Hall. Following that meeting the Wildlife Club voted to support the concepts of QDM but on a voluntary basis. We began our campaign to “Let ‘em go, let ‘em grow” and began posting signs for hunters to pass up the spikes and little deer. At the same time many of us who own land on the Island and hunt here agreed to take no buck that did not have at least 3 points on one side. We have continued to practice this gentleman's agreement. This year we intend to expand the campaign to ask all hunters to take only a buck with at least 3 points on a side. We support the concept of Quality Deer Management but wish to keep it voluntary.

Submitted by Lois Williams

March 10, 2010