2010 August Peaine Township Meeting

Just for information, the editor began capturing this video at 8:30 a.m. on August 13, 2010, Friday the Thirteenth, and completed the work on the video at 9:45 p.m. on the same day. Twelve hours and fifteen minutes of work to get this meeting posted on the website.

Phragmites Update


Iron Ore Creek Culvert


DNR Architectural Designers Talk about trails and boat launch


NRETC May Possibly Add the Chamber and Conservation Club


Discussion on signs for Iron Ore Construction


Elaine West Comments on the Minutes


Mike Scripps Comments, Jack Responds


Airport Land Acquisition Finalized with Resolution


Resolution of Thank You to Grand Blanc Boy Scouts


Review of and Motion to Approve the Bills for Payment


Health Insurance for Township Employees has Glitch


Possible Way to Resolve Glitches in Insurance by Jim Birdsall


Jim Birdsall Reports on Waste Management Committee


Waste Management Committee Member Authorized to Sign Contract with New Carriers


Authorized $1000 for Phragmities Equipment for Cleanup


Update by Reappraisor and Update on Effect on Taxes


New Peaine Attorney to Meet with St. James Attorney


Who to be on the Airport Committee Discussed


More of Who should be on the Airport Committee discussion


Revote on Motion, Jim Wojan Comments


Discussion Airport Meeting of Both Townships Possible or Not Possible


Implication that Peaine Township is Holding Up the Formation of Airport Committee and the Ordinance


Approved Motion in July for Jack to Meet with Rick and Don Discussed


Judi Lanier Comments, Elaine West Responds


Discussion When Jack Goes to Get Documents from Office


Meade and Hunt State Public Meeting is Appropriate and FAA Circular Requires It - Jack Gallagher States and Reads from Circular


Connie Wojan Questions Jack


Sandy Birdsall Comments, Larry Kubic Comments


Jim Birdsall, Pete LoDico, and Larry Kubic Comments


Public Comment on the Order of these Two Airport Issues


Judi, Jim, and Jack Respond to the Previous Comments


Judi Lanier Comments


Jim Wojan and Elaine West More Comments on the Airport


Jointly Funded Operations and Road Issues


Road Issue Continues and Bud Martin Comments


Peaine Board Votes to Approve $1000 for Bench for Veteran's Memorial


AMVETS to Donate Flag to Fly at Peaine Township Hall


Approval of Minutes and Buddy Martin's Comments


Buddy Martin Requests that Letter Contain Specific Language


Judi Lanier Asks Buddy What this will Accomplish, Bud Responds


No Generator at East Side Fire Hall, WHY? Terry Saxton


Terry Saxton Comments, Jack Responds


More Disagreements and Comments and Answers


Pete LoDico Comments on Roads, Terry Saxton Comments


Mike Scripps Request Joint Meeting Regarding Airport, Peaine Board Responds


Jim Birdsall, Jack Gallagher Further Comments on Airport Committee


Motion for Adjournment