2010 January 11 Joint Township Meeting Video Clips

It is certainly possible that these video clips are not in the exact order in which they occurred during the meeting. Some are grouped this way because three video cameras from three different angles were not completely in sync with each other. The effort to get this information posted in a reasonable amount of time was deemed more important that the exact order of clips. The entire meeting could not possibly been posted due to the length of the meeting which was over two hours of video. It took nearly one week to process the video and get it up on the Internet for viewing. Please excuse any accidental omissions or accidentally misordering mistakes in over one hundred video clips that are presented here.

Jack Gallagher Introduction 1

Jack Gallagher Introduction 2

Jack Gallagher Introduction 3

Cathy Jones Questions

Larry Kubic and Ray Cole Discuss the Purpose of Meeting

JimWojan Supposedly Trying to Get Legal

Jim Wojan Questions Should Have Been Provided Earlier

Rick Speck Making and Agenda and Chairing the Meeting Not His Strong Point

Rick Speck Purpose of Meeting to Work on Committee and Get a Report

Jack Gallagher on the Purpose of the Meeting

Jack Gallagher and Joe Reed Discuss the Questions

Jack Gallagher Answers Reason for the Meeting, Ray Cole Follows Up

Paul Welke Suggest Ignoring Questions and Proceed with an Overview

Ray Cole Eminent Domain Was to Be Tabled

Ray Cole Purpose of Meeting was to Work on Committee

Ray Cole States We Have Enough Information

Ray Cole We Need to Legalize the Committee

Ray Cole Get Information from the Committee

Don Vyse Committee Report 1

Don Vyse Committee Report 2

Don Vyse Committee Report 3

Don Vyse Committee Report 4

Don Vyse Committee Report 5

Don Vyse Committee Report 6

Don Vyse Committee Report 7

Don Vyse Committee Report 8

Don Vyse Committee Report 9

Don Vyse Committee Report 10

Don Vyse Committee Report 11

Don Vyse Committee Report 12

Don Vyse Committee Report 13

Don Vyse Committee Report 14

Don Vyse Committee Report 15

Don Vyse Committee Report 16

Don Vyse Committee Report 17

Don Vyse Committee Report 18

Don Vyse Committee Report 19

Don Vyse Committee Report 20

Don Vyse Committee Report 21

Don Vyse Committee Report 22

Don Vyse Committee Report 23

Don Vyse Committee Report 24

Don Vyse Committee Report 25

Don Vyse Committee Report 26

Don Vyse Answsers What the Money Can Go For

Mike Scripps Comments Intro 1

Mike Scripps Comments 2

Mike Scripps Comments 3

Mike Scripps Comments 4

Mike Scripps Comments 5

Mike Scripps Comments 6

Pete LoDico What is Tier One

Don Vyse Explains Airport Tiers

Jack Gallagher Surprised at List of Questions

Jack Gallagher Speaks about the Two Million Dollar Expansion

Jack Gallaghers Continues 4

Jack Gallaghers Continues 5 Tens Years of Info

Jack Gallagher Continues 6

Jack Gallagher Continues 7 Difficulty Getting Information

Jack Gallagher Continues 8 What's Going On

Jack Gallagher Continues 9 We Should Be Able to Ask You

Jack Continues 10

Don Vyse and Mike Scripps Answer Why the Expansion Necessary

What is the Upper Limit on Land Acquisition

Ray Cole Answers a Question Related to Airport Committee

Don Vyse Responds to Jack Gallagher's Statement

Don Vyse Leaving St James Reaction

Applause for Don Vyse, Jack Responds, Don Gets Angry

Jack Gallagher Answers Joe Reed

Jack Gallagher and Bill McDonough Disagree on Land Acquisition

Deputy Supervisor Sends an Email

Joe Reed Explains Previous Authority

Bob Hoogendoorn State May Force Shorter Runway

Rick Speck Hiccup in Community Airport Language

St. James Motion for 4 person and lawyer committee

Ray Cole Seconds Rick's Motion

Rick Speck 50-50 Funding Without and Authority

Rick Speck Answers Bob Tidmore Question

Rick Speck Explains Millage

Rick Speck Answers Bob Tidmore

Paul Welke and Ray Cole Discuss Language of St. James Motion

Sandy Birdsall Questions Language of St. James Motion

Sandy Birdsall Authority Defined in the Law

Rick Speck Refers to Authority but might not be an authority

Connie Wojan Says Take the First Step

Joe Reed Millage Higher in St James

St James Reaction to Buddy Martin Comment

Rick Speck Answers Joe Reed About Not Going 50-50

Pete LoDico Begins Motion and Discussion 1

Pete LoDico Begins Motion and Discussion 2

Pete LoDico Begins Motion and Discussion with Sandy Birdsall Comments 3

Pete LoDico Begins Motion and Discussion 4

Mike Scripps Conflict of Interest by Paul Welke

Larry Kubic States Paul Welke Not on the Authority

Ray Informs after Paul States No Intention to be on Committee

Ray Cole Has NO Problem with Paul sitting on the group with the lawyer

Larry Kubic Info Came from Lawyer for 2 members from each board

Bob Tidmore Suggests Discussion Before Voting

Bud Martin Asks if the Board Knows What They are Voting On

Jack Gallagher Comments on the Peaine Motion

Jim Wojan Asks Jack for Motion for Don Vyse to Do Day to Day

Jim Wojan We Can Trust Don Vyse

Jim Wojan Asks Peaine for a Motion Giving Don Vyse Authority

Rick Speck Request Time Frame for Forming Airport Group

Jim Wojan Asks Jack Gallagher to Before He Vacations, Jack 27 Years to Get Here

Jim Wojan Asks Jack to Settle Before He Goes on Vacation

Peaine Tables Waste Management Issues

St James Motion to Table Waste Management Issues

Connie Wojan No Brainer to Accept Committees Recommendations