2010 May 5 St James Township Meeting

Minutes Chloride Question

Additions to bills

Correspondence to Supervisor

Waste Management Report

Intro to Old Business

Grounds Maintenance Bids Opened

Jim Wojan Wonders How Bids Went Out

Adam Wirth Questions about What the Work Entailed

Ray Cole Says No Way to Compare Bids

Adam Wirth Asks More Questions about what is required

DNR Property and Whiskey Island Swap

Charlevoix County Road Bid for Road Improvement

Road Commission and Whiskey Island Continued

Reposting Discussion on Grounds Maintenance

Reposting Discussion Continued

Lowest Bid Discussed

Public Hearing Needed for Senior Housing

DNR Property and Whiskey Island

Charlevoix County Road Commission Discussion

Road Improvement and Whiskey Island Discussed

Public Hearings Scheduled

HUD Environmental Impact and Special Meeting Scheduled

Airport Committee Joint Meeting Discussion 1

Airport Committee Joint Meeting Discussion 2

Fuel Oil Bid 1

Fuel Oil Bid 2

Fuel Oil Bid 3 and Motion

Township Trash and Public Restrooms Bid Discussed

Chamber to Move Back to Yacht Dock Building Discussed

Landscaping Pocket Parks and Paradise Park Bid to be posted

Public Comment 1

Public Comment 2

St James Website Discussed

St James Website Discussed 2

Jim Wojan Commentary about Whiskey Island

Whiskey Island Discussed

News on the 'Net offers to post anything St James wishes

St James to Use Website to Post Special Meetings